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upcoming shows i am considering going to:

oct 2 - dashboard confessional (this is a solo acoustic just chris carrabba tour which would be very awesome to go see but its expensive, like $30, and he has come out with a couple of cds that i didnt really listen to so i think i'll pass)
oct 2 - it's like love (its very poppy yes but i like it anyways, and since its at swayzes its only $8, yes please)
oct 11 - boys like girls (already have a ticket)
oct 17 - hot hot heat (maybe)
oct 22 - saves the day (this is also acoustic but meh, maybe)
oct 31 - shout out louds (i love would to but its on halloween so we'll see)
nov 6 - big d & the kids table (i will be there for sure)

and i guess thats all for now
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i've gotta get outdoors while the weathers still here
i 've gotta take in the starlight before it disappears
chance lasts a finite time, in the cool july night time
so take in all you can

i've been spending most of my time with bria and kathrine. we have become so close. its great. i've spent 4 of the last 5 nights over at bria's house. for the 4th of july we went to stone mountain. it was fun. we played apple to apples and egyptian rat screw. there was alot of stupid rednecks there. everyone there was ugly and fat and wearing t-shirts that said something. like "i lost my phone number, can i have yours" and "im famous on myspace." there was one lady with a shirt that said "drinking doesnt give you a hang over, waking up does." it was good because we got to see a laser show and a fireworks show. at first i thought they were just gonna do the laser show and jip us on the fireworks, but the fireworks were great. so good times were had. but i always have so fun much with them. its like i live with them almost. no matter what we do its great. sometimes we just watch the simpsons or play cards. the other night we got drunk and played apples to apples and it was soo much fun. its was one of the most fun nights all summer. normally apples to apples wouldnt be that fun with just 3 people but we are just that awesome. "loud anne frank." we also went tubing down the chatahooche a while ago. i like my women like i like my rivers, shallow and filled with paying customers. i like my women like i like my eggs, over easy and whites only. this past monday we went to white water. we rode all the rides (the good ones) several times. since it was a monday the crowd wasnt very big. last saturday was conor's birthday party. which was awesome. freakin parties all the time. the gabi's had some bands play at their house the other night. one of the bands was from switzerland. they were really nice guys, i liked talking to them. it takes only like 3 hours to drive from one end of their country to another. and they dont have alot of murder over there but they have alot of suicide. its common from people to jump off bridges and dams. and thats whats been going on. partying and hanging out with bria and kathrine. see ya later..
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and we'll never miss a party cause we keep them going constantly

who knew i was such a party person. dance parties at gabi's house, parties at the moreland house. jeramy and scott are moving into their party house this weekend. it seems like it never ends. and im not complaining. last was zombie porno movie night at spencer's house. the whole cool biscuit crew was there. me, olivia, rachelle, anna, gabi, spencer, nicole, beau, victoria, jen, and connor was there too. we rented porno holocaust from videodrome. it is a old b-side horror movie that also a porno. so it was from the 80's so all the girls had hairy bushes. they also had small boobs. the movie was also in italian so there were subtitles. but the story didnt matter much seeing as it was a porno. and i was too drunk to read that much anyways. people went to an island where a zombie type monster lived and everyone had sex. it was weird. but it was a very fun night. its good when the whole biscuit crew gets together. the movie was hilarious more than anything. and we drank alot so that helped. before the party, me rachelle and cameron was shock waves at my place. shock waves was an old b-side zombie horror movie without porn. this one was about nazi zombies. thats right, nazi zombies! how exciting. that lived underwater. it was great for a terrible movie from the 70s. so yeah. party on..

i met tracey up in helen the other day. she was having a rough day and needed to get out of the city. so after i got off work i went up to helen. we sat on the rocks in the river and talked. there was a dead fish. and we played some putt putt. she won but it was very intense. we tied and had to go to a putt off. it was really nice. i hope things get better tracey. i love you.

also, omg explodingdog movie


i saw your face the other day
i wished i had the guts enough to say
"i wish you could spend the night"
it would be like old times

she loves me, she misses me, she dreams about me all the time.

so my birthday was good. on monday night, gabi invited us for a dance party at her house. it was alot of fun. everyone from the biscuit was there. and since i turned 22 at midnight it turned into a little impromtu birthday party. everyone sang happy birthday and whatnot. and we danced. on tuesday night, me olivia bria and kathrine went to a strip club. it was fun. we saw alot of boobs. good times had by all. thanks everyone. oh and i also got a penis cake.

i love her, i miss her.. so what do i do?
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life is great right now. i've gone out every night for the past week. so lets start with last tuesday. i wanted to go see hellogoodbye at the roxy. but the show was sold out. so i went out with susannah instead. we went to burkharts to see the goddess raven. it was a good show and me and susannah had alot of fun together. then on wednesday night, i went over to bria's. kathrine (bria's girlfriend) just jumps on me when she opens the door. and i walk in and bria isnt wearing a shirt. come to find out, they are on mushrooms. they gave me some. and so i did mushrooms with bria and kathrine. and i gotta say, it was the most amazing thing ever! i cannot remember the last time i had so much fun. really. it was so amazing and so fun. none of us wore shirts the entire night. we got covered in glitter. and it was just a great feeling. everything seemed to make sense. we felt infinite. and there was just this awesome vibe between all of us. we felt together as one. it was great. then on thursday night stew gives me a call. aparently, he has a friend that lives in the aparment complex right next to mine. so i hung out with him over there. turns out his neighbor is the guy i went streaking down moreland in my boxers with. his name is cozmo. we all (like 8 of us) ended going to the majestic in my car at like 2am. that being my second trip to the maj that night. then on friday i went to tracey's graduation. which was very nice. i am so so proud of tracey. she has gone through alot these past 4 years. and she is finally done. she finished with over a 4.0 gpa and graduated in the top 10%. im so proud of her. i wish i was more like her in so many ways. erin, her dad, grandma, aunt karen, and aunt andrea were there. it was good to see all of them. her dad was lookin the best i've ever seen. im so glad that she invited me to go. shes my family. and then we went to dinner afterwards. good job tracey. congrats! after dinner, i went to beau's party, heavy metal fiesta 4. the party was fun. it was the most biscuit people to come to one party. everyone had fun. near the end of the party, me, cozmo, and megan (this was the fist time i have talked to her since..) almost went streaking in our underwear down north decatur. but i cop drove my and said "what the hell are you doing in the street" so we didnt. but i almost reduced megan to her undies so whatever. i still got it. also beau and alex kissed and picture were taken. i kissed spencer on the cheek cause anna told me to. adam kissed gabi. also adam said that i mess up his gaydar. its alright, were all a little day. and we drank jack straight from the handle. so then saturday night i hung out with bria and kathrine again. and andy (lesbo) was there. we went swimming for a little bit. and drank everclear and lemonade. i slept over there cause i was drunk. then next day bria had to go to work so i hung out with kathrine and miffy (bria's roommate) all day. which was cool. i really like kathrine and im glad we can be friends now without bria. but we went to visit bria at shorty's where she waits tables. the tables have paper for a tablecloth so me and kathrine drew all over it with crayons. and it was great and now its hanging up in my room cause its so awesome to throw away. then last night, me, rachelle, and cameron went over to jeramy's. were we drinkin super hunch punch with golden grain, vodka, and rum. it was a very tasty drink. and it got us fucked up fast. so cameron is 17 and very very innocent (except for he's gay). but im pretty sure this was the first time he had been drunk. well cameron became the life of the party. there was like 10 of us cause theres a party at jeramy's place every single night. well i dont know how it started but cameron turned into iCameron. he would sing and dance to any pop song we would name. britney spears, n sync, avril, etc.. and every dance was so sexual. but it was hilarious. i was the best thing ever. we would have never expected cameron to act like that. it was great. and the people who didnt come missed out big time. and i ended up spending the night at rachelle's house. we spooned. it was nice. rachelle is very very cool and i like her alot but im tired of typing right now so ill save telling about rachelle for another time. also best website
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do you still sing about girls from last week? do you still think about girl from last year?

i still cry about girls i've had. i still cry about girls i've wanted. life is good right now. atleast most of the time. i have alot of friends right now, alot of people i want to hang out with. and there just isnt enough days in the week to hang out with all of them. i need to spend time with olivia of course. and i like hanging out with susannah. i also want to start spending more time with tracey. then there is my co-worker anna who is freakin awesome. we hang out every now and then. but shes usually too busy for me and it never works out. but we hang out at parties and stuff. i go to a good number of parties with people from the biscuit. then rachelle, the new girl at the biscuit. she went to the bright eyes concert with us. she seems pretty cool. she even likes ska and has partied with 50:50 shot before. we are going to go on a midnight picnic and go to rocky horror and dress up. there is also gabi #2 aka g spot who is a new friend of mine. i became friends with bria again recently. which i thought would be weird but its not. its fun. i love bria and her girlfriend kathrine. they are very cool. more about each of these people soon. and since its summer and school is out josh is back in town. we hung out last night and played some wii. so everythings good right now. i still dream about girls, girls, girls.

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